2018 Summer field reports and photos

Nokesville Farm - 11008 Kettle Run Rd., Nokesville, VA 20181 (Behind Patriot High and T. Clay Wood Elementary Schools)

Thursday, August 30th. Our very short 2018 SUMMER sunflower season is quickly winding down.

We will be open until this Sunday, September 2nd (weather permitting 10-6) with our final group of sunflowers just beginning to bloom. It's a small planting (about two acres) and there are about 15 varieties of "cutting" sunflowers in bloom or about to bloom. Many of the flowers in the field have passed their prime.

It's still very pretty and there are lots of flowers to pick but last week was our peak week/weekend for this year's SUMMER crop.

We have planted a FALL crop of sunflowers and we expect them to begin blooming later in September into early October or our first frost. Our one-of-a-kind SUNFLOWER MAZE is expected to begin blooming for about two weeks during that timeframe as well.

We have opened our giant sunflower garden for the remainder of the season. It's shorter and smaller in size than it normally would be due to all the rain in May and July but still pretty for pictures. *Please do not pick the giant sunflowers during your visit.

If you're traveling a distance to visit the flowers, we would strongly suggest waiting until our fall crops begin to bloom.

Saturday, August 18th. The Summer of Sunflowers is now open daily 10-6. This will be the shortest SUMMER season we've ever had. We expect to have SUMMER SUNFLOWERS blooming for only about two weeks (three weekends) until labor day, September, 3rd. If the weather cooperates, we may have SUMMER sunflowers later than the 3rd. We had extensive damage to our early sunflower crops due to all the rain this summer and we've re-planted those areas for FALL SUNFLOWERS! We expect those to begin blooming later in September into October and we're kind of excited to have sunflowers during the cooler, crisper days of late September and October.



Wednesday, July 25th. We've had considerable damage to our early sunflower crops, pumpkin patch and overall farm infrastructure from all this rain. We had 8 inches of rain in 8 hours on Saturday alone and several inches per day since then.

Our hope is to get everything cleaned up and on track to open maybe sometime in August.

We're going to re-plant our early sunflower plantings which means we should have sunflowers all the way into October this year. The most flowers are now expected later in August through mid-October or our first frost, whichever comes first.

We hope to see you later this summer/early fall!