Summer field reports 2019

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We are CLOSED until mid/late September. We will re-open later in September with our FALL CROP of sunflowers. Fall sunflowers will run until our first killing frost (around mid-October).


Thursday, July 18th. It’s getting hot out here!

Our operating schedule for this Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be a split day due to the heat. We will be open from 9 till noon, closed during the midday heat and re-open from 4-8.

We will return to our normal 10-6 schedule starting Monday and next weeks weather is looking perfect for sunflower picking!

We have about 15 of our 30+ varieties of sunflowers in bloom. We have a new white sunflower this year which is hard to find but oh so pretty! We'll have successive crops of blooming sunflowers through Labor day.

The summer sunflower maze grew too short in spots to make it a maze so we cut a path through it for a "sunflower stroll". Its starting to bloom and now open daily for the next two weeks or so. We'll have a fall sunflower maze opening around mid-September.

Gladiolus and Liatris will begin blooming next week. Sunflower giants are about two weeks from blooming.