Spring 2019 Field Reports

We are currently anticipating an approximately April 15th opening date for the 2019 Festival of Spring. Opening is entirely dependent on the long term weather patterns. Once we open, we are open on average 21-30 days again, depending on the weather. The most flowers are in bloom for about 10 days in the middle of our season.

We hope to see you this spring!


Moving right along!

02-19-2019 We had a couple of 70+ degree days last week and the tulips really enjoyed it! We’re on target for a mid-April opening this year (maybe a little sooner if we keep having warm weather).

Daffodil lovers: We plant our daffodils late and the result is that they bloom at the same as our tulips. Enjoy the daffodils around town, in your neighborhood and your yard. Once those are finished blooming, ours should be just about ready to put on a show.

Tulip sprouts!

02-22-19 The first tulips are beginning to break the surface! This is one of the earliest emergences we’ve ever had. It could be an indicator of an early spring but it all depends on the weather this March.