**UPDATED: 07-09-19**

Burnside Farms Photography Policy

Portrait Photography Fees:

During hours sessions: $0 We no longer charge a photography fee for sessions booked during regular hours. With paid admission, you may set up sessions during regular business hours BUT before you book sessions please ensure we will be OPEN. Our seasons are entirely dependent on Mother Nature. Burnside Farms will not be held responsible if you book a time and we haven’t opened or have already closed our season. You may email mike@burnsidefarms.com to see if a date you have in mind will fit within our season. We STRONGLY advise against booking sessions during regular hours on SPRING WEEKENDS! The flower fields get incredibly busy on spring weekends and there is a very high likelihood you and/or your clients will be very disappointed.

Before or after hours Sessions: $50 (Before or after hours needs to be booked at least 48 hours in advance) – After hours sessions are available for one hour before open and after we close until 7:15. The fee is $50 for each group/session a photographer has on the farm. Regular admission fee applies for all party members including the photographer and associated staff for entry into the fields.  Before or after hours, there is no limit to how many prop items may be used or the amount of photography equipment. The $50 fee applies per group up to two groups, three or more groups are assessed a flat fee of $100. After hours there may be a few guests left in the field.  We try and clear the field of remaining guests 30 minutes after our scheduled closing time.

To request before or after hours access, fill out our Photography Agreement and return it to mike@burnsidefarms.com You should receive a confirmation email within 48hrs.


Spring admission is $8 weekdays and $10 Saturday and Sunday. Under two are free. Spring hours are 10-6 Monday-Friday. 9-6 Saturday and Sunday. *Admission is subject to change without notice.

Summer admission is $8 per person. Under two are free. Summer hours are 10-6 everyday. *Admission is subject to change without notice.

Fall admission varies depending on location. Fall hours are 10-6 everyday.

Photographers and their clients must respect the flowers. Placing your subject(s) in flowerbeds, walking in OR across flowerbeds and picking and leaving flowers behind is strictly forbidden.

This policy is subject to change without notice. Policy update dates are posted at the top of this page.